The Body Conversation

The Body Conversation is a platform for people from diverse communities who long for a safe space where they can talk about their experiences with pregnancy, childbirth, motherhood, and postpartum complications.

Alongside publishing essays and stories that are centred around the above themes, we host webinars which are structured into episodes, and for each one, we invite a group of women and a medical professional to join us to talk about what happens to the woman’s body when she decides to have a baby.

We hope that people will have access to these resources, to prepare themselves for the journey they most probably have no idea how thorny or easy or even horrifying it can be.

Isele Magazine

At Isele Magazine we believe that literature and the arts are an integral part of the daily conversations that uplift and/or shape our thinking.

We publish writers and artists who hold a mirror to our society, who challenge conventional expectations about ways of being, how to be, and who decides who should be.

We seek fresh and dynamic voices. We want to bring our readers the best of new fiction, poetry, essays, and photographs.

As part of our commitment to fostering a vibrant community, we will publish a monthly web magazine, a guest-curated quarterly series, a yearly print magazine, and a weekly blog that will bring our readers the best of the topical conversations within and outside of our literary spheres.